Panel of Speakers

Dr. Somit Kumar
(Director Research, AVP Research foundation, Coimbatore and CEO AVP Baltics a European venture of AVP, India)

Dr Somit Kumar, MD(Ayu), (PhD) currently is Director Research, AVP Research foundation, Coimbatore and CEO AVP Baltics a European venture of AVP, India. He is also associated in the capacity of University Lecturer and Research Scholar at the University of Latvia. His primary area of research activity includes Clinical Research and Reverse pharmacology in Ayurveda.

Having completed his Post Graduate Degree in Dravya Guna (Ayurveda Pharmacology) and currently pursuing his doctoral research in the department of molecular biology at University of Latvia, to understanding and elucidate molecular mechanism behind Ayurveda based formulation in the field of Chronic diabetic wound healing.

He is also involved in researches in the field of rare Genetic disorder Duchene Muscular Dystrophy and working as co-investigator in this project with the University of Milan and AYUSH. He is also co-investigator for clinical study in association with the University of Latvia to evaluate the efficacy of customised Ayurveda therapy in Type 2 diabetes. He is also part of author team which has translated Astanga Hridayam in the Latvian language.

Dr Somit Kumar has been an active clinician for past 13 years and specialises in Kerela based Panchakarma technique. His area of expertise includes the spectrum of metabolic, neuroendocrine disorder, Rheumatologic, skin and Autoimmune disorders. Following the whole system approach in Ayurveda, his clinical consultation includes diet and lifestyle suggestions, Ayurveda medication, Yoga and cognitive counselling. He has been invited across the globe to give a presentation at international seminars, academic lectures and consultation namely in Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, Turkey, Slovenia, Hungary, Netherlands, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Italy etc.

He is a core faculty member of AVP training academy which conducts regular short-term Ayurveda orientation programs for students from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Japan, Switzerland and Latvia.

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