Panel of Speakers

Dr. Georgy K Ninan
(DMFISN, FRCP, Senior Consultant Nephrologist, PVSM and Lakeshore Hospital,Kochi)

Dr Georgy K Ninan is a well regarded Nephrologist known for his expertise in kidney transplantations.He performed the first successful Kidney Transplant surgery in Kerala.Through the Kerala Network Organ Sharing Programme (KNOS),Dr.Georgy K Ninan was able to conduct above 1500 transplant surgeries and 66 organ transplantations in his 20 years of service.Apart from these his efforts to popularise the preventive medical treatment for Leptospirosis also achieved wide acceptance.

Dr Georgy K Ninan who worked as a consultant Nephrologist with Ernakulam Medical Trust hospital for past 17 years, is currently working with PVSM and Lakeshore Hospitals.He is the founder member of Society of Organ Retrieval and Transplantation(SORT) .He is also an active member of Indian Medical Association.

Dr.Georgy K Ninan organised the 36th National Conference of Indian Society of Nephrology(INSCON) in the year 2005 at Kochi. It was in this Conference Dr Georgy K Ninan awarded the Fellow of Indian Society of Nephrology.He also organised the 6th International Leptospirosis Society Meeting in 2009 at Kochi.Dr.Georgy K Ninan won Glasgow University’s Royal College of Physician award in 2010.

He completed his medical studies in 1975 from Thiruvananthapuram Medical College. He did his Post Graduation from Chandigarh Institute of Medical Sciences.

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