Panel of Speakers

Dr. V.P.Gangadharan

Dr V.P. Gangadharan established the first medical oncology department in Kerala at the Regional Cancer Centre at Thiruvananthapuram. His unparalleled expertise in Oncology helped him to remain unique in the highly advanced field of cancer..

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Dr. Philip Augustine

Dr. Philip Augustine is one of the best known Gastro enterologists in the country and a leading expert in pancreatic diseases.He is well known for his administrative skills too.Country hounoured him with a Padmashri considering his contributions to the health sector..

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Dr. Georgy K Ninan

Dr Georgy K Ninan is a well regarded Nephrologist known for his expertise in kidney transplantations.He performed the first successful Kidney Transplant surgery in Kerala.Through the Kerala Network Organ Sharing Programme (KNOS)..

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Dr. George P Abraham

With his extensive knowledge and vast experience in Kidney transplants ,Dr George P Abraham is a widely accepted medical practitioner.He conducted 2100 kidney transplant surgeries and around 1,500 key hole surgeries in his service of 25 years..

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Dr. S Abdul Khader

DR S Abdul Khader is a widely acclaimed Cardiologist .He has been working with Amala Medical College since 2012. As a part of his efforts to prevent and control rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart diseases,he put forward the idea of an NGO ..

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Dr. Madhava Vijayakumar

Dr Madhava Vijayakumar is an eminent paediatrician and a teacher. Soon after starting his career with a private hospital of Thiruvambadi.,Dr Madhava Vijayakumar joined the government service.He started serving as a child specialist in..

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Dr. Shawn T Joseph

With his unparalleled expertise in the treatment of larynx and skull based cancers,Dr Shawn T Jospeh is considered to be one of the best Cancer Specialists in the country.It was under the leadership of Dr Shawn T Joseph,a team of doctors performed first highly ..

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Dr. Gigy Kuruttukulam

Dr.Gigy Kuruttukulam is the first Interventional Neurologist in Kerala. He is one of the prominent interventional neurologist in India and the head of the department of Neurology of Rajagiri hospital, Aluva. He obtained MBBS from Kottayam medical ..

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Dr Cyriac Pappachan

Dr Cyriac Pappachan; Infertility specialist with a mission for positive change. Doing more than four thousand Gynaec Endoscopic surgeries places Dr Cyriac Pappachan among very few Infertility doctors who have made their mark in Indian medical history..

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Dr Somit Kumar

Dr Somit Kumar, MD(Ayu), (PhD) currently is Director Research, AVP Research foundation, Coimbatore and CEO AVP Baltics a European venture of AVP, India. He is also associated in the capacity of University Lecturer and Research Scholar at the University...

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Health Seminar

Renowned Doctors will talk to the public to create awareness on relevant health care topics. These two-day seminar sessions will cover topics on Oncology, Cardiology, Gastrology, Nephrology, Neurology, Psychology, Endocrinology etc.

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